Welcome to the Grid-Scout!

Below you find locations in which you can play Second Life's fun game 'The Gridberts' and todays ranking of players.

1st Prize: 60 L$

2nd Prize: 20 L$

3rd Prize: 10 L$


Name Gridberts Treasure Players Teleport
Gridberts Hub 26 74 1 Teleport



Name Supply Demand Teleport
TreesLumber,36 /
MineStones,10 /
Wheat Seeds VendorWheat Seeds,20 /
Grape Seeds VendorGrape Seeds,20 /
Fertilizer VendorFertilizer,20 /
Manure BinFertilizer,20 /
Water Pump 1Water,20 /
Water Pump 2Water,20 /
WellWater,20 /


Name Supply Demand Teleport
Wheat FieldWheat,11 Water,20,Fertilizer,20,Seeds,20
Grape FieldGrapes,8 Water,20,Fertilizer,20,Seeds,20


Name Supply Demand Teleport
MillFlour Wheat
WineryWine Grapes
FactoryGoods,20 /
Cupcake MachineCupcakes Flour


Name Supply Demand Teleport
Market Stall Food/ Food,0
Market Stall Wine/ Wine,0
Market Stall Goods/ Goods,0
Market Stall Lumber/ Lumber,90
Market Stall Stones/ Stones,85
Construction Site/ Lumber
Tavern/ Wine

Todays Player Ranking

Rank Name Points
1 corrodedcapacitors 2
2 SarahStylus 1

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